Monday, November 17, 2014

I am thankful for?

With Thanksgiving approaching we should all have at least one thing in mind that we are thankful for.

What are you thankful for?

As a student at South I am truly thankful to be in my senior year with only 3 semesters left of school. I am also thankful for all the opportunities that I have had the chance to experience while on my college journey. My first year of being at South I marched with the Jaguar Marching Band as a clarinet player, my second year I got an on campus job and I took my first trip with the Residence Hall Association to SAACURH in Tennessee, and my junior year I became an resident assistant and I also became a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.  My sophomore year I also won miss congeniality at a Miss Black and Gold pageant in 2013. As you can see I tried to stay involved on campus and I can definitely say that being able to get involved pushed my out of my comfort zone and it allowed me to blossom. Also since I've been at South I had the opportunity to work as an orientation leader, which I enjoyed because I was able to help incoming freshman who were in the same shoes that I was one in and now I am an RA for a freshman hall so I am able to give back in hopes that I will help someone blossom just like I did.

As a student at South I am thankful for all the caring professors that I have met, the opportunity to meet the dean of the education department, my traveling experiences, and the growth that I have experienced. And of course the people!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My favorite Spot on Campus

My favorite spot on campus has to be the student center. Inside of the student center are two tellers, the post office, Java City/ the pod, a ballroom, Chick-Fil-A, Burger Studio, Pizza Hut, and Quiznos. The bookstore is also located inside the student center. Whenever I have free time on my hands I usually go to the student center to hang out before my next class begins. Another reason I enjoy going to the student center is because I get to charge my phone which tends to die really quickly at one of the portable chargers downstairs. The student center is equipped with wifi all over so if there is ever a day that I need to finish up an assignment or look up something before class I can complete whatever it is that I need on my Ipad or laptop. I mentioned that the student center has Java City but I didn't mention the fact that Java City sells sushi, which I have grown to like and it also has coffee and smoothies. Any one of these will work for my typical day so sometimes I may stop by and grab some coffee or a smoothie with my bonus bucks. I remember I was in a hurry one morning and I forgot to print off my essay for class so I ran to the student center went inside the computer lab and printed off my paper for class. With a start like that I knew I needed some coffee so I sat down inside of the student center and drunk me a cup of coffee to prepare for the rest of my day.

Need to print something really fast? Go to the computer lab located inside the student center and print. Need somewhere quiet to do your research? Go to the computer lab and have some quiet time on one of their computers. (No charge)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jag Swag

My favorite piece of Jag Swag is my South Paw teddy bear. I got it my freshman year and I've had it every since. I have a few South Alabama t-shirts that I like to wear, but my South Paw teddy bear is something I cherish. If you really know me you know that I adore South Paw. He's always energetic at games whether it's a basketball game, football game, or random events that are held on campus. My South Paw teddy bear resembles the same thing. When I think of  my bear I think of being energetic, having fun, happiness, and involvement, which is everything that South Alabama has given me. Each year I make sure I pack my South Paw in a place that I can find him when it's time for me to move into the residence halls. This may sound crazy but my room seems so empty without him.

Over the past four years here at South I have collected many things like water bottles, South Alabama Housing and Residence Life cups, South Alabama towels from football games, free t-shirts and many more items, but nothing compares to my South Paw!

Have you started collecting some of your favorite South Alabama Jag Swag yet?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My favorite South Alabama Event!

My favorite on campus activity at South Alabama has to be the annual block party that is put on each year in the fall by Jaguar Productions. This year at the block party there was a DJ, places where you could get South Alabama Tags made and there was plenty of food. The DJ played line dances that many of the students knew and there were strobe lights which made the scenery look cool.This event was a great way to meet new friends and it also helped me relieve stress after going through a long first week of school.

Along with the annual block party South Also puts on events like
-Rave from the grave
- Forums talking about different topics
-Breast Cancer Events
-A haunted trails tour
-Intramural games

And many more!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Favorite Class So Far!

With this being my senior year of college I've probably taken all of the classes that South has to offer.. JUST KIDDING but out of all of the classes I've taken I must say that my EDM 310 class was one class that I  really enjoyed. The class gave me a different outlook on teaching and how things may go in my future classroom. EDM 310 is a technology based class here at South Alabama for future educators.

In EDM 310 I was introduced to the SmartBoard, how to navigate through Mac computers, different programs that the Apple Ipad offers, and google documents. When I was in elementary, my teacher used old fashion projectors. We also used paper and pencil for almost everything so taking this class has given me a different outlook on 21st century classrooms. While taking this class I was also getting my observation hours so  I was able to verify exactly how students were using technology in the classroom. For one of our assignments in EDM 310 we had to demonstrate how to use the SmartBoard and for another assignment we had to come up with a book trailer using IMovie. I thought these two assignments were cool because most teachers are using SmartBoards in their classroom so it's important for me to have background knowledge on how to use it before even stepping foot in a classroom. The reason I enjoyed working with IMovie was because I think using it in the classroom can help bring out the creativity in students. Through this class I learned about TED Talks and I also learned that some elementary students had their own classroom blogs. In this class we were required to blog and comment on elementary student's blogs as well as other blogs that teachers wrote. At first I didn't understand the importance of technology and why students should have classroom blogs but when the semester ended I gained a better understanding of how and why technology is being used in most class.

Check out some of my work from this class

Shakeya Andrews EDM 310 Blog

Shakeya Andrews Demonstration of how to work a SmartBoard

Thursday, October 16, 2014

We've got spirit how about you?

Well with homecoming week being here I'm pretty sure you've seen or heard all about many of our events that took place throughout the week. One of my favorites from this week is junk the jungle! Junk the jungle is a tradition that takes places at South Alabama each year during the week of homecoming. Junk the jungle is where students and faculty members have the opportunity to throw toilet tissue around all of the trees in our traffic circle (round about as some would call it)Yesterday I had the privilege to volunteer with a great group of people who seemed to really enjoy themselves at the event. Another thing that showed school spirit was amount of people who showed up in their red USA homecoming t-shirts and others who wore their South Alabama organization shirts. Boxes of toilet tissue was provided for those who chose to participate all they had to do was grab a roll of tissue and go. I watched students throw tissue at tall trees and I watched some just wrap the bushes with the tissue. Even though I was volunteering I even had the opportunity to grab a roll of tissue and join the fun myself. It was a night full of fun and lot's of energy!

This is what Junking the jungle looks like!

South has spirit yes we do South has spirit how about you?

Leave a comment letting us know some things that your school does to show to school spirit?
-Pep Rallies
-School Banner
-Bumper Sticker

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

There's No Place Like South Alabama

Happy that I get to experience all that South has to offer that is!

Out of all of the schools I looked at I must say that choosing South Alabama was a great choice for me. Not just because I am 45 minutes away from home, but because I have had the opportunity to experience so many great things on this campus. I started out as the quiet girl who wasn't really involved in any organizations and now it's a totally different story. While being at South ,I've had the opportunity to gain volunteer experience, meet people from places like Europe, Alaska, and Canada, I am currently working as a Resident Assistant which has helped me get out of my comfort zone and I am gaining experience that I could use in my future classroom, I recently joined a sorority, and I've been inducted into two honor societies since I started in 2011. I have gained a lot of experiences here at South but as I get closer to graduation the thing that excites me the most is being able to graduate with a bachelor's in Special Education and Elementary Education. I bet you're thinking what's so special about that? Well most people go back to school to get their degree in special education because their college does not have a collaborative program that offer a certification in Elementary Education and Special Education. Out of all of the schools I visited and received information from South Alabama was the only school that offered a dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. With my dual degree I'm not required to take any extra classes to receive my certification in special education or anything all I am required to do is take the special ed: core knowledge and applications praxis and pass it and I will be a certified special ed teacher. Everything I need as far as special education classes has been built into my studies requirements. NO EXTRA CLASSES

When this day comes I will feel the same way. 4 years and 2 certifications!

The perks of graduating with a dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education

-The need for special ed teachers are growing. This increases the chance of finding a job after graduation
- The median range salary for special education teachers is $50,317
-More than likely you will have at least one or two children in your classroom with special education so having that training and background knowledge about special needs children will help you tremendously

Visit The South Alabama College of Education bulletin to learn more about how you can be certified in special education and elementary!